The Manor Legal Center in Devyatkino provides a wide range of legal services in the Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg in all branches of law. Our employees are professionals of the highest level: lawyers and attorneys with colossal experience in various areas of law, a huge number of won cases and resolved legal issues. Each specialist of our company is as competent as possible in the area of law he is engaged in.

Responsive design

Easily view the site on any device: TV, PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone.


Logo design and corporate identity for print and electronic products.

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An attractive landing page providing information on all essential services. More than 30 internal pages with detailed information.

Image optimization

The same image can be very different even if it looks the same. Typically for printing and electronic display.

Implementation of SMART systems

For the efficient work of specialists.

Program code optimization.

For fast and precise work.

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