G-Core Labs – to go global faster

Meet our partner: G-Core Labs – Secure Edge & Cloud Platform G-Core help companies around the world gain and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. At the heart of G-Core advanced technological solutions is our own global infrastructure whose connectivity and performance we continuously improve. Mission To make the web faster, safer, and…

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Автоматическая конвертация валюты на сайте - CREATOBELLE

Automatic update of tariffs and prices

For all our clients, for whom we have made websites, we offer a system of automatic currency conversion. Currency Switcher allows your site visitors switch prices currencies in your site content according to set currencies rates in the real time! Power price marketing tool for WordPress sites where its necessary display content in more than…

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Google search - CREATOBELLE

Include your site in Google’s search results

Getting recognized and receiving high quality traffic is key to your success with AdSense. If you’d like to optimize your web site’s traffic, we suggest you take a close look at our guidelines for ideas on how to develop your content and structure your pages. In particular, submitting your URLs to Google Search Console can…

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How much should a website cost?

This topic is actively discussed in the web development market – the price range is too wide. Let’s just look at the entire development process and, based on the standard hour, calculate the cost of the site. First, let’s see how much a developer’s standard hour should cost. The average developer salary in Moscow is…

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